HSE Consultant/Certified Trainer


Professional, self-driven, disciplined and highly organized HSE Manager and Trainer with 10 years of experience in Health, Safety and Environment positions covering various industries including Power, Construction and Oil & Gas.

My experience in multicultural organizations allows me to communicate effectively and diplomatically at all staff levels. I have a particularly strong ability to coach and mentor using many different forms of training by focussing on the behavioral aspects of working in a safe environment.


I possess strong analytical and planning skills, combined with the ability to coordinate the efforts of many to meet organizational goals. I have strong negotiation skills developed over many years; this has increased my capacity to deliver results on time with minimal incident rates.




  • Leading by example, I can guide a workforce in developing an improved safety attitude and by influencing their individual responsible behavior.


  • Devising and implementing risk focussed and streamlined change management solutions.


  • Direct strategic and operational HSE Management experience, providing a practical understanding of the perspectives of the project recipient, their expectations and their focused delivery.







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We hire and develop employees who are passionate and knowledgeable about HSE managing.

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  • Developing a partnership with clients based on mutual trust.

  • Analyzing all aspects of your environment.

  • Evaluating your potential.

  • Concluding with a professional association.


Contributed to protect our world


In 2016, Martin Tremblay achieved his vision by founding FIRST HSE WORLD Inc. His success is constantly expanding. Subsequently, a new division is born in Tunisia in 2018. In 2019, the FIRST TRAINING CENTER was born to support the growing demand for training courses.

The company provides solutions for the health, safety, and environment of the construction industry and gives tools to workers to make their work safe. It plans to expand its services globally.




  • To be a professional colleague.

  • To share our knowledge and experience acquired over 16 years in the construction industry.

  • To spearhead a trusting business relationship with our clients.



  • To improve your results in the HSE field in all your projects.

  • To ensure all communications will be effective for everyone involved.

  • To implement an effective HSE System for integrating HSE behavior with your team and subcontractors.



FIRST HSE WORLD Inc. in the knowledge and experience that I acquired after many years in the Construction Industry as HSE Officer and HSE Manager. During these years, I encountered many issues resolved to the satisfaction of my clients.


For all my clients, we give the best of ourselves, it's my personal commitment!



Martin Tremblay MS



  • High-quality construction within the specified timelines and budget.

  • Guaranteed client satisfaction throughout all levels of the business with our advice and services. 

  • Ensure a constant presence for the entire process to ensure that your project is successful.





  • To anticipate, react and adapt to the demanding trends of current and future markets.

  • Increase our business support, expertise, and studies.

  • Increase our market share in the field of construction, industry, and energy.

  • Develop projects in Private public partnerships.

  • Raise awareness with our clients, partners, and staff regarding new technologies in sustainable construction.


  • Manage each project as a profitable and independent profit center.

  • Develop and strictly enforce the FIRST HSE WORLD Inc. internal procedures.

  • Anticipate and plan all of our actions.

  • Support the creativity of the teams for optimizing project work methods.


  • Ensure that all communications are efficient and effective.

  • The staff assigned to the project will be properly trained to provide skilled labor.

  • The staff is trained on a continuous basis.


October 2019

New Training Center in Africa

We are proud to announce the opening of the FIRST TRAINING CENTER. This new center offers a full range of training courses in the construction industry.

June 2018

New Office in Tunisia

We are proud that announce the opening of our new office and Oussama Gherri's appointment as General Manager for the Africa Division in Tunisia. For this division, we offer Health Safety Environmentservices like assistance with qualified persons, HSE Engineering and audits & inspections. We also offer qualified manpower for electrical & instrumentations, mechanical & structure, painting & sandblasting and providing manpower.

June 2016

Lockout & Other Energy Control Methods.

Since 2016-01-14, The safety code in the construction industry in Quebec has evolved. In fact, this part of the safety code "2.20" is only dedicated to the lockout and other energy control methods as defined in the standard CSA Z-460-13.

June 2016

Message From Your HSE Professionnal

For almost nine months, FIRST HSE WORLD Inc. in collaboration with Tri-Tech Electrique Inc. works together for elaborating a Control of Hazardous Energy Lockout method specifically for Power Energy. After many improvements and enhancements, we concluded.  Three weeks ago, FIRST HSE WORLD Inc. had officially handed their first particular Control of Hazardous Energy Lockout for Power to Tri-Tech Electrique Inc.


To date, we trained four Lockout/Tagout Masters and thirty Electricals as Authorized persons for working with this process. We are continuing our teaching for each Tri-Tech worker.


FIRST HSE WORLD Inc. is proud to be a partner with Tri-Tech Electrique Inc. in their continuous improvements in Health and Safety Environnement. 


With pride, we are greeting Tri-Tech Electrique Inc. to believe in us.


We hire and develop employees who are passionate and knowledgeable 

about HSE managing.

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